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A Tailored Approach to Healthcare

Virtual Appointment Forms And Details

What's Next?

Please note that all appointments are being conducted virtually at this time. We do not offer in-office visits.

What To Expect During The Appointment

Each virtual platform is different. Here are some tips to make your visit go smoothly:
• Test your webcam and microphone before your appointment
• Secure a quiet place in your home for your appointment
• Write down any questions and have them handy for your visit
• Complete your Patient Intake Form - please have the electronic form completed before your appointment.  

Other Requirements

We ask that you provide the following information as part of your appointment:
  • Virginia Drivers license, ID, and Insurance card(s)
  • Physical Medical Records Documenting the Health Condition(s) for which you are being evaluated; 
  • Patient Intake Form - It is required that you have it completed before your appointment.
After booking the appointment, you will be contacted by an office staff member to confirm your appointment and complete other forms using our patient portal feature. Other forms can be emailed or faxed if needed.
* Please note that visits will not be conducted if forms are not complete.  
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