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Independent Medical


How Can We Help You?

At Be Healthy & Well our board Certified  Nurse Practitioner providers have approximately 10 years of experience completing medical compensation and pension exams. We offer competitive rates and balanced evaluations. To schedule an IME or 2nd opinion, please contact us via email at or you can call 804-533-7444

What Is An Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) ?

  • Claimants may choose to have an independent medical evaluation by Nurse Practitioner or Physician to support their disability claim. During the visit, a disability benefits questionnaire is completed. Subsequently, the claimant may submit this questionnaire and other records for consideration as part of the disability determination.

  • It's important to note that an independent medical exam is not a typical doctor's visit. No medicine or medical treatment will be prescribed. If you have a mental health disability, the provider will ask you to explain your symptoms and may request you to complete some psychological tests. Similarly, if you have a physical disability, the doctor will examine you, ask you questions, and, if necessary, perform some medical tests.

Is A Independent Medical Exam Covered By insurance?

  • An independent medical exam is not covered by insurance. Our rates for IMEs and Medical Opinions depend on the number of records that must be reviewed and the complexity of the case. IMEs and Medical Opinions require prepayment and must be approved by the reviewing nurse practitioner. Our approval process is quick and almost always the same day. Email us at to request a fee schedule.

What Is Needed To Complete The Exam?​

  • A copy of available medical evidence is needed to complete the exam. Records may be obtained from primary and specialty care providers. Copies of military records are also useful. 

Can the Exam Be Done Virtually? 

  • Some examinations such as musculoskeletal, skin, and neuropathic issues must be done in office. However, other exams may be completed virtually. Call the office for  further details.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

What's Next

Please note that records in electronic format to Be Healthy & Well, Email:

An Independent Medical Exam (IME) for VA disability is a medical evaluation conducted by a healthcare provider not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VA usually assesses a veteran's medical condition and its impact on their disability claims. The IME is intended to provide an impartial and expert opinion on the veteran's disability. This opinion may influence the VA's decision regarding disability compensation and benefits. 

More About The Exam

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